Media, Audience, and Place

Public space, is a topic that we have heavily focussed on in this subject, and we have to know what gets the public interested in particular things.

“A public space is generally a place that is open and accessible to people”

The media is changing, as the years go by. People are relying more and more on technology each year, and every second person you see on the street now, is holding a phone, tablet or some sort of media device.

Cinema is another example of this, and it is pretty much at the top of the list, when we think of media, and audience.

“The obvious fact: the motion picture theatre is not just a site of leisure; it is also a workplace. It is, if you will, someone’s shopfloor, and potentially, a site of public protest. A reminder is in order because so much scholarship on film, so much of its theory, assure that the struggles I have just alluded to, as well as a range of extrafilmic practices at cinematic venues will be neglected”

-Charles Acland, Screen Traffic: Movies, multiplexes and global culture, 2003

Defintion of an audience: An audience is a group of people that consume similar media in a certain way. The method in which an audience is ‘constructed’ or ‘located’ is always beneficial to a powerful group of people

Keeping the audience focused today, is what you need to do, whether it is as a writer, a performer, a singer, an actor, or whatever it may be, that must remain the top priority, to keep the audience engaged and interested.  But just remember, something has to be eye catching, and attention grabbing in order to keep the audience interested. If you aren’t careful, that same audience will get bored very quickly.

This is where the most likely places you will find a large media audience, and people will come, depending on what it is they are viewing, reading or doing. Even making a speech is the same. For a while, a few years back, I was part of the Kiama Toastmasters club, and the same thing is the objective, the topic is also a key factor in keeping the audience engaged, and avoid repetition and keep it fresh.

  • Pubs/Clubs/Nightclubs
  • Cinemas (eg Event Cinemas, Gala Twin Cinems, Hoyts Cinemas)
  • Stadiums/Sporting Arenas (eg MCG, Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane)
  • Entertainment Centres (eg WIN Entertainment Centre, Wollongong)
  • Shopping Centres (e.g Stockland Shellharbour, Crown St Mall, Westfield Miranda)
  • Museums


  • hoyts cinemas

They all have a way of engaging with the audience.

There are also different types of audience, which is recognised as audience theory, there are two types of audience, which are


According to a source I found, it showed us six steps or ways to keep an audience engaged and interested. The first thing it said was to always keep the audience hooked from start to finish.

  1. Tell them outright why they should listen
  2. Give them enough mental challenge
  3. Turn your speech into a two-way discourse
  4. Grab their attention with any kind of change
  5. Vary the type of contents you share
  6. Schedule breaks between sections

My opinion on all these steps, is pretty positive, because the first one is spot on, you have to tell the audience what they have to do in order to stay focussed, and tell them why they should, so they will have a good idea of what they are watching or listening to.

“Some of the film directors mentioned in the book may not like what the audiences have to say about them and their films. As may those academics who will be appalled that I have been talking to ordinary moviegoers rather than elite ones as themselves. However, this is not about, or for elitists, it is a little to earthy for that.”

-Tom Stempel, Film Historian, Author and Researcher, 2001

In a class discussion a few weeks back, we were talking about why we go to the cinema, what attracts us to go to the cinema. What makes people go to the cinema, I believe is depending on what types of films are on at that particular moment, and usually you would choose to see a movie that you would like, or that you believe is worth seeing.

e.g If it is in a film franchise, you are obviously are going to go see it. The James Bond film franchise is a great example of this. The 2012 film, Skyfall, starring Daniel Craig as Bond, received many awards and nominations, and people want to know if the follow up film, Spectre could match it, if you know what I mean.

It varies with what the audience wants. Its the same with anything, you will only show up if you know if its something you will enjoy.

On Sunday 24th September 2017, Sir Elton John had a concert at WIN Stadium Wollongong, and absolutely packed the place. It goes to show that the place will pack, if there is a big attraction, and being the first time Sir Elton had visited the Gong, people were excited, and the show was sold out.

Sir Elton said at the start of the concert;

“I’d never thought I’d say this, but Good Evening, Wollongong.”

People will go to things as long as their entertained and informed. 

“All stories reflect the storyteller, and where they are in their lives”(Shaun Wilson, Research is Ceremony, Indigenous Research Methods)


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