Transnational Media and Cultural Studies

There have been many things that I have learnt in this subject. One of the reasons I selected this subject to study is because of the pre-requisite subject from 2015, BCM111, International Media and Communication, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

There were many things in this course, that I did not know beforehand, but as they say ‘you learn something new everyday’, and that is certainly what happened in ths subject, BCM288.

The first topic, the Commodification of culture, is one example of this

“The ‘commodfication of culture’ refers to the ways culture and cultural experiences-local practices, festivals, arts, rituals and even groups-are produced and consumed for the market (Kathryn Sorrells)

Topic 2, was focused on the Block, Huset ,NZ Idol and Reality TV.

I learnt that the Block, isn’t the only show of its kind around the world. Although, there is House Rules on Channel 7, it is a little bit different to the Block. There is also a Danish version of the Block, called Huset.

Reality TV was something I knew quite a lot about before this, and reality TV is to some people a controversial form of television today. This looked at New Zealand Idol, which the public interest in the winners wasn’t shown after the show concluded, the Voice Australia is another example of this.

Week Three

Looked at all versions of the Office.

  • The Office (US)
  • The Office (UK)
  • Stromberg (Germany)
  • Utopia (Australia)

office stromberg utopia.png

The Office, both US and UK I had watched previously but was not aware of Stromberg, and Utopia.

I also learned where all versions were based, and all the similarities.

Audiences are attracted to cultural products ‘that are close in cultural content and style to the audience’s own culture(s)’ (Straubhaar, 2007)

We also looked at an Australian TV Series, Black Comedy.

Black Comedy is produced by Scarlett Pictures, and started in November 2014. It is shown on ABC1 and ABC2.

Overall, this was an interesting subject, learnt all different things about transnational and cultural media, and everything that is involved within the precipis of it.

The debate was also interesting, where I learned, along with my group co-workers, (Mitchell and Tazzy), had to look at the negatives of co-productions like;

  • The coming together of two different countries with different cultural backgrounds, such as in a Chinese-Australian co-production can be more difficult than expected.
  • Co-productions are too complex, there are two sets of rules, two sets of bureaucracies and two sets of crews often speaking different languages
  • Remaining out of synch with other incentives available in one’s own country

I mean all these things were very new to me. Terms I had never heard of or learned about before include:

  • Culture and Capitalism
  • Transcultural localisation
  • Korean Wave

Anyway overall I enjoyed this subject thoroughly, the debate was good, meeting new people and working together, which can be a challenge not knowing them, but in the end it worked out well, and the same can be said about the first assessment we did.

I enjoyed looking into Australian Television and where it could improve vastly.



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