International Film Festival-Sydney

There are many International Film Festivals all over the world, and many of them are very popular, and each of them gains exposure to what each film industry across the globe is all about.

Australia’s main Film Festivals are:

  • Tropfest
  • Indie Gems Film Festival
  • Antenna Documentary Festival
  • Sydney Film Festival
  • Travelling Film Festival Cairns
  • Travelling Film Festival Rockhampton
  • Travelling Film Festival Townsville

“Australian Film Festivvals differ from most of the major international events in that they were founded by community rather than government or other institutional support. Whatever national characteristics they have developed have come from the bottom up-the individual participants rather than from the top down-government cultural or social policy. They are not competitive, nor are they industry market places though they have elements of these about them. They are relatively financially independent, relying on ticket sales for the bulk of their income” (Pauline Webber, 2005).

“The 2012 Sydney Film Festival was overwhelmingly attended by film lovers who lived in areas that were ‘slums’ in the 1950’s, and who were in possession of higher education- confirming perhaps that cineliteracy is interwoven with urban renewal, but also that urban film culture in Sydney owes a debt to workers and refugees, two groups who seem today, greatly underrepresented at the festival, except as the subject matter of films”. (Richard Smith, 2012)

The Sydney Film Festival recognises the best new films from around the world to the Sydney based audiences. It hosts a number of awards, including the Dendy Awards for Australian Short Films (which are Academy Award eligible). The inaugural Sydney Film Festival was held over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend in 1954.

The Festival is held at the Rocks, in Sydney Harbour every year. The next Film Festival is scheduled for the 7th June 2017 up until the 18th June 2017.

In 1970, the Sydney Film Festival initiated a competition to promote Australian short films, and the best films, get the chance to contend for the Dendy Awards. From its inception, the Sydney Film Festival has featured films which have since become classics. The Film Festival’s constituency has always been predominantly well educated, moderately, affluent and middle class.

During the Menzies era in the cold war, the Sydney Film Festival was regarded by many as subversive and left-leaning. The film festival struggled to find a way to incorporate the expansion in experimental film forms which burgeoned in Australia in the decades of the 1970’s and 1980’s.

The Sydney Film Festival is accredited by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations as a competitive festival.

The Sydney Film Festival is partnered with Festival Scope, which is a website designed for industry professionals, whether they be directors, producers, writers or actors. They are aimed at providing better visibility for films and documentaries presented in film festivals, and the Sydney Film Festival is just one of a few, who partner with Festival Scope.

It is one of the longest events running of its kind in the world. They also focus on the best features from over forty countries, with Sydney Film Festival short films, Australian films documentaries and arvhive titles.



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