The Office v The Office

Steve Carell and Ricky Gervais, are two of the most funniest men in the world, and it showed no matter what they did, whether it was in the Office or movies.

There were also other adaptations of the Office, Stromberg (Germany) and Utopia (Australia, on ABC).

The Office US is set in Scranton, Pennsylvania, which is an industrial/mining town, in the eastern part of the state. It symbolises the consequences of deindustrialisation and economic deterioration of many US industrial cities over the last 40 years. Steve Carell portrays the boss, Michael Scott. In the US version of the office, Michael Scott wishes for a more equal relationship with the employees of his office.

The Office (US) won the 2006 Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series- Steve Carell. It also won an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series.

Ricky Gervais plays Michael Brent, the general manager of Wernham Hogg paper merchants. It is a mockumentary of the fictional paper company, Wernham Hogg in the Slough Trading Estate in England.

The UK version of the Office won a Golden Globe in 2004 for Best Television Series, Musical and Comedy and Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series- Ricky Gervais

What seems to be portrayed as the Australian spin-off to both the UK and US versions of the Office, Utopia is a show that can be seen on ABC and ABC iview.

Utopia is set in the fictional National Building Authority, a government organisation for overseeing major infrastructure projects.  The office is focused on various fads.

Utopia won the Logie for the best Australian television comedy series by Working Dog Productions, and it premiered on ABC1 in 2014. It is an eight-part series. Utopia was recently bought by Netflix.

Does Utopia try to replicate the Office?

Well in a way, it does because Utopia has a similar sort of setting to the Office, and I don’t know, maybe because of the success of both the Office in the US and the UK, Australia thought that they would make their own version of the sitcom. Unlike its rivals, Utopia does not have any big name actors like the Office did, e.g Steve Carell, Ricky Gervais

The German version, is called Stromberg (name sounds familiar, Stromberg was the name of the villian in the 1977 James Bond film (starring Roger Moore), The Spy Who Loved Me) and is set in the fictional insurance company, Capitol Versicherung AG. The series was also adopted into a film in 2014. This part of Germany was severely and drastically damaged in World War II, and is now home to regional public broadcasters media companies and Ford.

The first few epsiodes of Stromberg are really focused on downsizing, but Stromberg also has two further sub-plots that show status hierarchies. In Stromberg, there is violation of the office hierarchy perpetrated by Stromberg’s activity.

Stromberg won the 2006 Grimme Award for Fiction/Entertainment for Series/Miniseries.

All shows have won awards for their respective plots, and series, and while yes they are similar, they all have different plots and perceptions on how they think an office environment should be.


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