JRNL102 Final Module Storify Critique

Gemma’s report has a bit of everything, with great embed clips, a very well structured layout, and a medium soy latte to finish off

I really like the way that Gemma has started this piece off, especially with the pouring of the latte at the top of the page.

I think the tone is actually set from the start, with the catchy title, “Medium Soy Latte Please” and that first paragraph at the top, of “Give into desire, smell the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans and order your regular “Medium Soy Latte Please”

The embedding is also great, with the John Oliver YouTube video and the tone is really well set, with the Reddit Clip of David Tennant/Doctor Who in the rain. The layout is really well structured and some of the words she has used is really good, and some of them you don’t hear every day.

Gemma gives us a really good description and insight into what advertising, and native advertising is really all about.

I believe overall she has done a great job, with the embeds of the Youtube videos, and the Reddit Clips as well as the writing all together and it is a great thing to learn in the world of journalism.


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