Week 4 Module

For this JRNL102 Module, I will be focusing on why I chose my specific individual or person, and the place, for Assignment No. 1.

I have chosen to do it with Wollongong TAFE Teacher, Garry Maguire, because I have known him for quite some time now, and actually knowing the person that you are going to interview does give you a head start, because you already know a lot about that particular person. He was my teacher at TAFE for the last 2 years, and not only that, but he is my neighbour also, (he lives just across the road from me)

The tone I will try and create in this piece, I believe will set the scene of the environment that I will be doing this interview in. I will lead in with some class discussion, and include Garry in it, as though he is teaching the class at the time, and it will give us an indication of the environment that the interview was conducted in.

The mood, I will try and keep it happy and upbeat, and hopefully when the interview does take place, Garry and his class will feel the same way, and that will set the tone for how the interview pans out.

It will bring out some emotion, as I hope to get Garry to share some of the best moments he has had in his time with the TAFE Institute. It really shows a lot about his character also, and we will hear more of that when the interview happens.


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