JRNL102 Module for Week 5

For this Week 5 Module, we had to listen to 3 audio works from previous students of JRNL102

The first one I listened to was the “Creature of the Night”. I really liked the ambient sound, with the  harmonica playing in the background, and it gave a bit of a spooky theme, to the place, and it reminded me that being on your own late at night, isn’t the best feeling, especially when there is no-one else around.

It made me picture it from my perspective, and it made me feel kind of lonely. Right at the end of that recording I heard the bit about “Working at McDonalds at 3.00am”, which I thought was really good.

What I really liked about this particular piece, was not only the harmonica playing in the background, but also the rain, or drips of water that you could hear along with the harmonica at the start of the Audio Recording.

I like the deep voice also, it kind of puts you in that person’s shoes, and makes you think, What would I be doing if I were in this position?

The fact that he talks about the difference it has, to a normal 9.00am-5.00pm day shift is also to be applauded.


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