JRNL102 Module Week 3 & Preparation

I chose WIN Stadium in Wollongong as my place, and did it with some of the St George Illawarra Dragons. (WIN Stadium is where they do their training).

The audio you will hear, is the crowd and the ground announcer from a game at WIN Stadium, which is where the Dragons call home, and a lot of the Dragons players love playing there, especially some of the Illawarra boys, like Ben Creagh, Mitch Rein and Trent Merrin.

(Sorry about the quality of the picture) Here I am, with St George Illawarra Dragons lock, and Shellharbour Boy, Trent Merrin. He has been playing in the NRL for 7 years, and has been at the Dragons for a long time. Next year he is off to the Penrith Panthers.
This is me, with Englishman, Mike Cooper. Mike Cooper this year, played his second year in the NRL & with the Dragons, and recently resigned with the club for 2 more years. He loves Australia, and especially Wollongong, being close to the beach, (something he says that England does not have).

I decided to go with the Dragons and WIN Stadium, because one, the Dragons are my favourite team in the NRL, and some of the players in the Dragons squad, are some of the best in the competition.

Prep before class.

For Assignment 1, Person & Place, I have decided to interview, Wollongong TAFE Teacher, Garry Maguire.

I’ve known him for 3 years, and he was my teacher for 2 of them, in 2013 and 2014, when I was doing a Communication & Media Course and a Screen & Media (Journalism) course.

This is Wollongong TAFE Teacher, Garry Maguire, the person that I am going to be interviewing for Assignment 1 (Person and Place). The Place he will be speaking about, is TAFE. He will speak about the many campuses that he has worked at, and how life at TAFE has been for Garry.

Unfortunately I wasnt able to get any ambient sounds at this time, but I have a genuine idea, of what I am going to do whilst doing my interview with Garry.


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