What’s Hidden?

What exactly is Hidden?

This focuses on TAFE Teacher, Garry Maguire & student Maddie Lazicic speaking about What is Hidden inside the walls of the Illawarra TAFE Institute.

As some of you may remember, for Assignment 1, I interviewed Wollongong TAFE Teacher, Garry Maguire, and this time he talks about the possible closure of the Dapto TAFE Campus, and what he knows that we don’t.

The second interviewee, is one of his students, at the Wollongong TAFE Campus, Screen & Media (Journalism) Diploma Student, Maddie Lazicic. She speaks about her problems with her fees, and how it has affected her.

As he said in the last assignment, Garry has worked at many of the TAFE Campuses around NSW, and that includes Dapto.

“It’s something that has been hanging over our heads for quite some time now, and its sad that we are unable to do anything about it”, Mr Maguire said. “It’s a shame that we are losing part of our Institute, and I have taught many courses at Dapto TAFE,

Wollongong TAFE Teacher, Garry Maguire. He says the possible closure of Dapto Campus will affect the people moving into the West Dapto area, as well as staff that work there.

On the other hand, TAFE Student, Maddie Lazicic, told me about the problems that she experienced with her Screen and Media (Journalism) course fees, Miss Lazicic said, “When I was enrolling, to TAFE, I was going to pay my fees, but several times after, they corrected my payment, and several times after, they did it again and again, which delayed me paying my fees.” She also said that she understood that they had made a mistake, (because as we know people do make mistakes), but to multiply the fees several times, is a different story,

Garry also said that one time, he and Maddie went down to the TAFE Office, to clear up the situation, and they said that she had to pay $10,000 for the course, (as opposed to the proper price of $2,000) which shocked Maddie, and joking around Maguire said that he had to give her “Mouth to Mouth” as she was down on the floor after hearing the news.

Maddie & Lynn
Maddie Lazicic, in her Screen and Media (Journalism) TAFE class, learning of one of the teachers, Lynn Beauregard.

Maddie believes that this could be prevented, and in the end it was fixed and all sorted, and now she is free to complete the course with no problems like that leaning over her head



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