International Education-BCM111

A big part of today’s society is International Education.

A lot of countries, including Australia, have exchange student programs, and also there are a lot of International Students who are in Australia, including UOW.

In the last 12-13 years, there have been more and more international students that have chosen to study in Australia.

Australia is ranked the third or fourth in the export industry. It is much more than a profit making business. In Australia 80% of International Students are Asian.

international students
Wollongong Mayor, Gordon Bradbury, welcoming International Students to the University of Wollongong

It’s not all smooth sailing though, for International Students, with many challenges faced in their adaptation to the new experience and environment that they are in. Most international students like to try and fit in, and what I mean with that, is they would like to interact with the local students, and a lot of the international students, will take many risks, to achieve this.

A lot of the local students aren’t really interested, and its not the greatest experience you want to have, because you aren’t here forever.

simon marginson
A lot of this blog, comes from the words of Simon Marginson, who is from the Centre for the Study of Higher Education, at the University of Melbourne.

Dealing with a new environment, can be quite tough, whether you are moving to a new suburb, school, state etc. But moving to a new country, and learning a different language is like climbing a high mountain.

I think one of the main reasons, people travel the world to study, is because they want to experience something different in their lives, and this is definitely a big transition. As we know, English is pretty much the language of the planet.

“Rather, we need to think about international students in a different way. We need to give them dignity as persons with equal standing and rights with ourselves. We need to go further than that. We need to empathize with the Other, without forcing the Other to be the same as Us.”- Marginson
Marginson says that the local students are not the only ones that are parochial, yet it is all of us. “We need to think how international students are imagined. If we are to move forward, the first move must be conceptual”.
According to statistics on the Australian Universities website, the University of NSW has the most international students, with 13,132 enrolled. Second is the University of Wollongong, with 12, 360, which is nearly half the amount of all students enrolled at UOW at 40%. All up, in all NSW universities, there are nearly 90,000, with 87, 034 students enrolled at various Universities around the state.
Australian wide, there are 328,659 International Students.
Some respond to change only when they must. Many let it happen. Others run to meet it. Often, though not always, international students have a clear end in sight: there is a kind of person they want to become, though no self is ever fixed and final. Every international student deals with many challenges and problems. None is altogether master of her or his individual fate.

I think they have to come up with a better way to welcome and make the international students feel at home, more meet and greets, tours of the area, and try and get to know different people, and I think then it would make life easier for them.

stats international students
Stats of international students, which country has the most to the least. Australia has the most, China has the least.

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