Age shall not weary them, or in this case, Garry Maguire

Garry Maguire and TAFE.

Garry Maguire has had quite the innings at TAFE, serving at various campuses around NSW, for the past 25 years.

He says “I’ve had a lovely relationship with TAFE, I’ve taught many many classes, and many faculties, and many campuses”.

Here is Garry Maguire, with two of his students, Maddie Lazicic & Connor Kearney. He is one of the teachers for Screen & Media (Journalism) at the Wollongong TAFE Campus.

Garry has also had a good relationship with his students, (as seen above) and he likes to help these students.

When I asked him about that topic, here is what Garry had to say, “TAFE offers a second chance, it is about people who don’t go well at school, and sometimes fall by the wayside, and here we are all about giving them a second chance”.


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