Females in Sports Journalism

The other issue that I have decided to look at in Sports Journalism is the lack of females in the industry.

In the sports journalism  industry there aren’t a lot of females, which is quite a major concern. I think that the sports journalism should respect women, and their different views.

I also think that you don’t see a lot of former womens sports stars in the media. I think their opinions are just as important as males opinions are, they don’t seem to get the respect that they deserve and I think its time we see more women involved in sports journalism in some capacity.

Erin Molan & Yvonne Sampson
Channel 9 Female Sports Journalists             Yvonne Sampson & Erin Molan

I beleive it is growing slowly. The women involved in the industry have grown over the last few years. The well known female sports journalists are doing great in their particular job. Channel 9’s Erin Molan in the last 12 months, became the first female panelist on the Footy Show, and this year was appointed co-host, following the departure of Michael Slater, meaning she is also the first female co-host, and she is also a sports presenter for Nine News, and sometimes the Today Show.

Then there is Yvonne Sampson also from Channel 9, who is co-host of Wide World of Sports, Lara Pitt from Fox Sports who is a regular panelist on Rugby League shows. Also, last year, NRL team, the St George Illawarra Dragons appointed the first ever female ground announcer, Lyndal Rogers.

All of these women have achieved a lot along the way, and it has helped them become who they are today. They have worked as hard as any male journalist, and should be appreciated in the same equal way, because discrimination and sexism is wrong, and we need more women in the sports industry, and if people recognise this, then eventually we will see more female sports journalists in the near future.


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