Former Sports Stars ahead of Sports Journalists?

For my first post, I have decided to look at a key issue in Sports Journalism.

The issue is that past players of the particular sport, get chosen before actual journalists.

cameron williams
Channel 9 Sports Journalist/Presenter Cameron Williams

You look at the sports you see on TV, when you see an NRL game, you see ex-players like Andrew Johns & Brad Fittler, you may be lucky to see a journalist. But on Channel 9, the last few years, there has always been a presenter/journalist before, during and after the game, which is usually Cameron Williams or Yvonne Sampson.

It is seen as an issue, because it is preventing those who actually want to be sports journalists get the job they want, and in particular the sport that they would like to report on. You get the odd journalist around as well who didn’t have anything to do with the sport, people like Ray Warren, Warren Smith, Andrew Voss, Ray Hadley and Tim Gilbert.

They along with Williams and Sampson are journalists. They are some of the few journalists who call NRL games.

Its actually been happening for years, whenever a star player retires from the particular sport they were in, they get involved through the media. This is one of the things that deter people from getting a career in sports journalism. While people would like to get a chance to achieve their aspiration.

That is one of the reasons why that there isn’t many jobs in the sports journalism industry. I have heard many stories, of people who just want to get into journalism, (just in general), and even though he was very good and had completed a University degree, he had to wait nearly 10 years to land a job.
Even though it is an issue, I think if you work hard, practice, and do all the little things right everything will fall into place, and you can achieve the goal you want. This is also something I want to get into myself, because of my passion for Rugby League and sport in general.


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