UOW Profile Interview- with Journalism Student Hannah Laxton

For my UOW profile interview, I decided to do it with 19 year old Berry girl, Hannah Laxton, who is currently studying Bachelor of Journalism at the University of Wollongong.

Outside of University, she is really passionate about travelling, and since she likes travelling so much, it has got her interested in Travel Journalism as well.

When she was young, Hannah wanted to be a writer, but at the age of 12/13, she felt that she wasn’t creative enough, so she changed her mind, and decided that writing wasn’t for her.


Her interest in travelling has only come in the last few years. In the last 2 years she has been to continents such as Europe and Asia, and from that travelling became her passion and as she said she “caught the travel bug”. She sees it as a reason to make it a part of her career and now it’s something she aspires to do because of how much she loves it.

She has been to many places across the globe, but her ideal destination would be somewhere that she hasn’t been before. As much as she would like to return to Europe. South Africa is the country that stands out most on Hannah’s next port of call and she sees it as a whole new cultural experience, and America would most likely be the same sort of thing in her opinion.

If Hannah was required to travel for work purposes and to stay in the one location, it would be USA, because she thinks it wouldn’t be too hard to adapt.

Just a few weeks ago, Hannah was accepted to be apart of 40K foundation program in India. They build businesses in rural areas, and she is looking forward to heading over there, in January 2016. Positions are mainly for students, and there are quite a few young people that go over there.

She found out that there will be a media team over there, and she is interested in being a part of that, and she also sees it as a great opportunity for her portfolio, and possibly in the future, get a job in that field.

I also spoke to Hannah about how she compares Australia to other countries that she has visited. She feels that there is a whole different vibe. Especially when you go somewhere where they don’t speak English, and when you are in a country like France, you have to learn their language in order to get to meet people, because people won’t know what you are saying unless you are speaking the same language that they are.

In her opinion, Australia is very laid back, and bogan at times, but it’s where she lives and she loves it.

Her mum is her biggest influence, having travelled to many countries around the world and she lived in Saudi Arabia for 2-3 years. A few years ago, when Hannah was 18, she went to Vietnam, and she asked her mum first if she could go, and her mum had no problem with Hannah going by herself, and her mum thought it would be quite helpful for her.

Her advice for young people who want to do something similar is to go for it, and remember if something goes wrong try your best to deal with it, and you will learn about yourself and grow as a person. When she went to Europe it made her more confident and she learnt how to look after herself, and it gave her the confidence to travel on her own.


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