Transmedia Storytelling

Definition of Transmedia Storytelling: Is the technique of telling a story or a story experience across multiple platforms and formats, which include, but not limited to, games, books, events, cinema and TV.

It represents a process where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating a unified and co-ordinated entertainment experience- Henry Jenkins

Transmedia storytelling means telling a story across multiple media forms, it doesnt always happen though, and it does involve audience participation, collaboration and interaction.

It is the ideal aesthetic form of an era of collective intelligence- Henry Jenkins. Transmedia stories are about building a world

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Google have a created a very real expectation of engagement. Engagement is key.

In transmedia storytelling, engagement with the media gives the audience a better understanding and enjoyment of the story at hand.

We tell stories to entertain people and also to persuade and explain things. Stories are told across mutliple media forms and some people tell them until it satisfies their curiousity or lifestyle.

Transmedia storytelling allows content that’s right sized, right timed and right placed to form a larger, more worthwhile cohesive and very rewarding experience.

Storytelling is important and it really matters and great stories come on the back of humans, authenticity, emotions and how interesting the particular story is.

And while memes may be fun, they are not storytelling.

The elements of transmedia storytelling are:

  • Spreadability/Drillability
  • Immersion/Extractability
  • World Building
  • Seriality
  • Subjectivity
  • Performance

The transmedia storytelling production operates in many different areas which include; the narrative, experience, audience, media & platforms, business models and execution.

Usually in transmedia storytelling, we experience and encounter all these areas. If you know how well to use them, we could use them to your advantage.

Being able to recognise and incorporate stories inside tha narrative of the brand can help and it will give people using them an advantage once again.


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