Citizen Journalism

Citizen journalism is the absence of authority, open process and no closure.

It is the gathering,writing, editing, production and distribution of news. It is also the collection, dissemination

It is based upon public citizens playing an active role in processing, collecting, reporting and analysing. New media technology and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have made citizen journalism accessible worldwide.

It is also about communicating specific information.

The emergence of the internet, including blogs, podcasts and streaming videos is what has made citizen journalism possible. There are many forms of citizen journalism and others have outlined the types.

We know that citizen journalism is getting more popular by the day, and we see it everyday on TV. To some people citizen journalism can be a hindrance and others welcome it with open arms. The role of citizen journalism becomes particularly important in protests.

The terms that come under citizen journalism are:

  • Public
  • Participatory
  • Grassroots
  • Hyperlocal
  • Guerilla
  • Stand-alone
  • and Street Journalism
  • Meme

It’s also a change for regular people to disseminate and receive news from all electronic gadgets around today. Virginia Muwanigwa, who is the director of the Humanitarian Information Facilitation Centre, says that citizen journalism is very enabling for ordinary people in many ways.

Citizen journalism is a double edged sword, and there are many responsibilities involved in this type of journalism. There are also many challenges. Citizen journalists lack proper experience or training, and other major problems include lack of accountability, absence of a code of conduct, and it is seen as a dangerous situation when in the hands of irresponsible people.


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