Time out with Mary Dijkmans-Hadley (JRNL101)


Mary Dijkmans-Hadley is an 18 year old girl from Wollongong, where she has lived all of her life. She is currently studying Bachelor of Communication & Media Studies at the University of Wollongong.

Her friends describe her as smart, kind, easy to talk to and has a little bit of stress, and also a complete nerd.

What she enjoys most about university life is the people, she likes both the staff and the students. The other things she likes about uni, is the people and she admires that they are passionate about the thing they love. She really enjoys the environment and how it creates plenty of enthusiasm.

In her spare time, and her time away from the University, Mary spends her time reading, she also enjoys playing video games. She also feels that video games is an expensive hobby for a broke university student like she describes herself and because of that she hasn’t been playing any video games of late.

Mary’s idol in the journalism industry is Stephanie Bendixen (aka Hex from Good Game). Mary sees this as her dream job and also thinks that Bendixen is quite passionate and is quite brave and isn’t afraid to give her opinions on sexism, racism and isn’t ashamed of being labelled a ‘nerd’


Mary’s aim is for a job where she can have some fun, but also stand up for what she believes in.

Mary decided to choose Communication & Media Studies because she wants to get the skills and knowledge to help her achieve her goal of getting a job in the journalism or publishing industry. She loves to write and create and she would like to improve on the skills she already has and she hopes to gain confidence in her abilities and learning along the way about the media and how it works.

In the next five years, Mary doesn’t expect to have the job she hopes to achieve, but she thinks she will probably still be at University studying a Masters degree. She also hopes that she is happy and she wants to be sure that her life is heading in the right direction.

Mary also hopes to have moved out of home and possibly into her own.



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