BCM112 Convergent Media Practices Blog No. 2

Content, Iterative, Audience.

For WordPress.

Content: Your WordPress theme is your container for displaying your content. A container suitable for your content- Do you make images, videos, paragraphs, a combination of all?

Organise tags and references etc.

Iterative: Your content is only beginning to shape. Start broadly- use a very general purpose theme for now and narrow when your direction matures. Not just your theme- evolve your content organisation strategy too.

Audience: Put yourself in the shoes of the reader!

Remember your content organisation-is your content easy to navigate? If your organisation is tag centric, are your tags easy to access?

Does your look and feel reflect your content and resonate with the audience you want?

Remember too, the world outside BCM112.

Expanding your wordpress world.

Free WordPress is limited and you might eventually feel these limits. Installing WordPress on your own domain and server will get you a categorised platform.


  • Copyright
  • Ownership Structures
  • Industry Control

By convergence, I mean the flow of content. Before copyright, content creators had no property claims on their intellectual work. They were famous names such as:

  • Shakespeare
  • Rabelais
  • Cervantes
  • Moliere
  • Goethe
  • Schiller
  • Copernicus
  • Galileo
  • Newton.

Before copyright, ideas were considered public commons.

Copyright Today.

The Content Industry argues that a world without intellectual.

Public Domain: Anything not under copyright is in the public domain and be copied and remixed freely.

Fair use: It is not a right, but a defence against litigation. Fair use applies only for limited purposes defined by purpose and character of the use. In other words if you satirize someone’s content you can be sued for adversely affecting its value. This is a way to censor undesirable options.


COntrol over access to content: When, Where, How.

Control Through

  • Licensing
  • Encryption
  • Spyware
  • Invasive Software
  • Authentication
  • Take Down Notices and Litigation

Digital Rights Management extends control over all primary and derivative content. The end result is digital enclosure.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

End User License Agreemen (EULA)

Binding Legal Contract. The user buys permission to play the game, and does not own the copy.


Copyright creates artificial scarcity

Industry aim is control over content. There is no scarcity. Inherent in digital content and no cost to copying it.

In factm every digital operation involves copying. Every time you go online. The internet is possible only because of its core protocols. The internet imposes no barriers to entry.

The industry aim is control over use of content and information.

Industry                                   Prosumers

Copyright Material              V  Participatory Culture

Closed                                    Open

Attention is scarce, information is not.

How to deal with participatory media.

EoEC44zParticipatory media is where the audience have their say

  1. Amazon
  2. Google
  3. Flickr
  4. SoundCloud
  5. Instagram
  6. Reddit
  7. Spotify
  8. Netflix
  9. Imgur

are all aggrssors.-Convergence: The future of content control depends on these models.


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