University like a cup of coffee and a muffin for Jordan Bell.


Today I met up with Jordan Bell, and I asked him a few questions. Jordan Bell is a 21 year old from Tahmoor, just south of Campbelltown, he is the eldest of 3 siblings, having a 20 year old sister and an 18 year old brother.
Jordan is studying the Bachelor of Journalism degree, he also does community radio, his quite keen to branch out with radio broadcasting and he is very happy with one of the subjects he is studying, which is audio production, something he is really passionate about.
While he isn’t at university, Jordan is working a part time job as a barista, making coffees and cappuccinos and more, and also as mentioned before he volunteers in community radio.
He likes playing soccer in his spare time, also likes to spearfish (which caused him to be late for a lecture), he also likes to spend his time playing video games and again working in radio.
In 5 years time, Jordan sees himself doing radio broadcasting in one of the commercial stations such as ABC and also reporting the news, but if that doesn’t happen his plan B is to make his own blog and come up with some stuff of his own.


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